Dates and Deadlines

Important Dates

Apply early for financial aid.  Awards are given to students who have the greatest need and have submitted all required documentation to our office.   Below are the priority dates.

  Fall/Spring Spring Only Summer
Submit FAFSA by March 15 August 15 February 15
File Complete at UNTD by May 15 October 1 April 1

Financial aid is limited and the demand is usually greater than available funds. Applying for financial aid is usually a two- to three-month process.

Your data must reach our office before your file can be processed. You’re responsible for finishing the application in a timely manner so the data and all completed documents reach our office before the priority dates.

When Will Aid be Awarded?

For early applicants who are newly admitted to UNT Dallas, awards are made in late April/early May for the upcoming year.

For early applicants who have attended UNT Dallas in the prior year, awards are made after Spring grades post, which is in mid-to-late May.

The Refund Process

Student Business Services handles the refund process. You can also check myUNTDallas to see if you’re receiving a refund and if it’s been processed.

Student Business Services will send out refunds within a week after your aid has been disbursed.

*The refund process may take several days to complete during the first disbursements of a semester. Students having refunds processed during fall and spring registration periods should expect to see their refund by the last day of regular registration.