What is a grant?

A grant is a type of need-based aid that does not require repayment. Your financial need is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. At UNT Dallas, the only application needed annually to be considered for federal, state and institutional aid is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). However, eligibility for a grant program does not guarantee you will receive an award. Applicants are considered based on the date of their application while considering the FAFSA- determined Expected Family Contributions (EFC). The earliest applicants with a completed award file have the best opportunity to be considered for available grant funding. We encourage you to apply early every year and make sure you complete any requests made for additional information so your awards can be finalized.

Types of Grants


  • Federal Pell Grant- This need-based grant is awarded to undergraduates.                
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Grant (FSEOG) - This need-based grant is awarded to undergraduates.   
  • Teacher Education Assistance For College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant


  • Toward Excellence, Access and Success (TEXAS) Grant Program- The Texas Legislature established the TEXAS (Towards Excellence, Access and Success) Grant to ensure that well-prepared high school graduates with financial need could go to college.
  • Texas Public Education Grant - This is a need based grant awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students


  • UNT Dallas Tuition Grant- This is a need-based grant for undergraduate students. The grant doesn't have to be repaid. However, if you withdraw from the university or stop attending classes, you may be subject to the university's repayment policy.