Texas Application for State Financial Aid

Non-Citizen Texas Residents

Senate Bill 1528 which passed the Texas State Legislature in 2005 allows certain non-citizen students to pay in-state tuition at a Texas public college or university and to qualify for State financial aid.  Funds are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and are limited.  Student that are classified as a Texas Resident and who cannot apply for Federal financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are encourage to complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA). 

TASFA Application

Student must submit the TASFA application with all applicable documents to the Financial Aid Office in order to be reviewed for potential funding.  Both English and Spanish language versions of the TASFA are available here.

Applicable documents for 2020-2021 include the following:

  • Independent students must submit a 2018 IRS tax return transcript. 
  • Parents of dependent students must submit their 2018 IRS tax return transcript. 
  • Non-tax filers, who were not required to file based on IRS income threshold, must provide a confirmation of non-filing. 
  • Male students must register with the Selective Service here and provide proof they have registered or are not required to register.

If you are unable to submit any of the above documents, please contact the financial aid office to discuss other options that may be available to you.  Information regarding uptaining a tax return transcript and other tax documentation can be found here.

The TASFA application and applicable documents can be emailed to the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@untdallas.edu, brought to our office on-campus in the Student Center Building, or mailed to us at the address below:

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Student Center, One-Stop
7350 University Hills Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75241

Award Ranges

Awards from the TASFA submission are made on a first-come first-served basis because funding for these programs is limited.  If you received a grant in the prior year, TPEG for example, there is no guarantee that you will receive that grant again in the upcoming year.

  • TEXAS Grant: State Grant with a value up to $5,000 per year, review criteria here.
  • UNTD Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG):  State need based grant with a value up to $1,000 for the academic year, review criteria here.
  • UNTD Tuition Grant: Institutional need based grant with a value up to $1,500 for the academic year, review criteria here.

UNT Dallas Resources

  • Admissions information is available here.
  • Academic Advising and Student Success informatin is available here.
  • Student Life informaiton is available here.

Additional Resources

  • The Dream.US National scholarship fund for Dreamers who will begin their first year in college and meet Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) eligibility criteria. Please go here for more information.
  • La Unidad Latina Foundation (LULF) Scholarship Offers scholarships to current undocumented undergraduate and graduate students in different degree programs. Please go here for more information.
  • My Undocumented Life webpage has up-to-date information and resources for students, including information about scholarships. Please go here for more information.
  • North Texas Dream Team: a community-led nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the dreams and goals of students; to educate and bring awareness to everyone, regardless of color, when it comes to issues in our communities. Please go here for more information.
  • Opening Doors International Services has been offering humanitarian and legal immigration services to families and individuals in North Texas since 2003. Please go here for more information.