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Due to COVID-19 Financial Aid Staff will be working remotely during this time.

Please direct all questions and concerns about financial aid to financialaid@untdallas.edu; every email will be answered in a timely manner. Please monitor your student email for updates concerning university guidance.


Attention students, 20/21 financial aid applications open. Complete your FAFSA or TASFA today.

Financial Aid and Scholarships


Will my financial aid change now that there is only online instruction?

No, your financial aid will not change due to courses being taught online.  If you maintain your enrollment status, your aid will not be affected.


What should I keep in mind if I am considering dropping a course or withdrawing?

Withdrawing from all courses may result in a change to your financial aid. Students who withdraw from all classes may only keep the financial aid they have “earned” up to the time of withdrawal. Our office will calculate the amount of aid you have earned and any federal aid received in excess of the calculated earned amount will be returned to the US Department of Education.  This may result in the creation of a balance due that you will be responsible for.

As always, dropping a course at this time in the semester or withdrawing altogether can impact your future financial aid eligibility.  Additionally, dropping or withdrawing from a course or courses could affect your course completion percentage, or pace, and the extension in your academic plan that this would result in may cause you to exceed your maximum timeframe for financial aid. Both of these factors, along with GPA, are components of your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which must be maintained in order to continue qualifying for federal student aid. For more information, visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress page.


Will my Pell Grant be affected by the move to online courses?

No, federal grant funding such as Pell, TEACH, and SEOG will not be affected with the change in method of instruction.


Will my TEXAS Grant be affected by the move to online courses?

No, state grant funding such as the TEXAS Grant will not be affected with the change in method of instruction.


Will my UNT Dallas scholarships or grants be affected by the move to online courses?

No, UNT Dallas scholarship and grant aid will not be affected with the change in method of instruction.


If I am a student with a federal work-study positon, will I still be paid for my current federal work-study award?

Yes, you will still be paid up to your federal work-study award amount.  Please refer to guidance sent to you by the Financial Aid Office as well as discuss with our federal work-study supervisor.

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