Work Study jobs are partially funded by the federal government. Your eligibility for the work-study program is determined by financial need, satisfactory academic progress, and an enrollment status of at least quarter-time.

To apply for a Work-Study position visit

Eligibility Criteria

Below is a list of eligibility requirements. You must:
    •    Show financial need.
    •    Be enrolled at least quarter-time.
    •    Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements.

How to Apply

Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Renewal Application. Indicate your preference for College Work Study on the FAFSA.
If you're eligible, the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office will notify you through myUNT, where you may accept the Work-Study award.

UNTD Priority Dates

    •    Apply early because funds are limited
    •    Applications considered on the basis of available funds after the priority dates.  Review the priority dates.

Continued Eligibility

In order to remain eligible for the program, you must:
    •    Show financial need.
    •    Be enrolled at least quarter-time.
    •    Continue to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements.

Amount of Awards

    •    Based on established financial need.
    •    Maximum award is $4,000 per nine-month academic period.


    •    Students are generally paid on the 1st and 15th of every month.
    •    Students are paid at least the federal minimum wage.
    •    Payment is based on the number of hours worked during previous month.


    •    Repayment is not required. The money you earn is yours to help pay your education expenses.
    •    Must be reported as earnings on your income tax return.
    •    When completing the FAFSA for the following year, report your Work-Study earnings under the Additional Financial Information section. (Work-Study earnings are treated as financial aid rather than income when the Expected Family Contribution is calculated.)